Máquina de reciclaje de aceite ZSC

Motor de purificación de aceite y purificador, un gran avance en la despolarización del petróleo que una dificultad en todo el mundo. El purificador puede eliminar las impurezas más pequeñas dispersas en el aceite, tales como partículas de carbono y óxidos de profundidad, así como sustancias nocivas como el coloide y asfalto.

ZSC Engine Oil Recycling Purifier Series

Through many years’ hard work, the Company successfully developed the ZSC series engine oil purification and decolourization purifier, which is a breakthrough in oil depolarization – a worldwide difficulty. This purifier can remove the tiny impurity dispersed in oil such as carbon particles and deep oxides, as well as bad substance such as colloid and bitumen. Thus, the clarity of oil recovered, engine oil quality is improved, performance of engine is restored, abrasion reduced. These would ensure correct operation of lubricant system of an engine and extend the life time of engine oil and engine as well. This kind of purifier is applicable to purification of various engine oil used for transport facilities such as ship and automobile.


(1)It is a physiochemical application to eliminate the electric charge between polar particulate in waste oil, which is gathered into large particles and separated. The colloid, bitumen and other compound in oil are also removed while harmful gas and the water content are removed by the waste gas cleaner and the vacuum degassing function. Thus, the oil is cleaned and the effective constituent of oil is retained.

(2)High precision stainless steel net is used, which is anti-corrosive, high temperature resistant and has a good mechanical strength and long lifetime. It is easy to use, and utilizes the economical pressure filter as filter medium.

(3)Novel structure, good layout and is deemed as a «Mini Refinery».

(4)Very straight and evident effect and the machine can be used for multiple purposes.

(5)Can be tailored to meet the needs of an individual customer.

Oil sample

The working principle of waste engine oil recycling purifier

When the equipment starts to work, firstly, the oil entry the filter, large particles of impurities to be removed, then pump into the reactor and heating inside, plus chemical reagents for reaction, water is removed from the waste oil in the role of physical and chemical, the free carbon, pectin and pigment polymerized. then pump into the large area of filtration system for removal of the polymerized carbon, impurities, colloid, so that all the harmful ingredients is removed from waste oil, finally the oil flow out from the outlet reach the standard of clear and transparent. In order to deal with tail gas, the equipment uses the organic solvent spray and absorber device to absorb the exhaust gas removed by equipment, so that it will not pollute the environment.

Equipment components: equipment consists of pumps, reactor, heating systems, filtration systems, exhaust gas treatment system, new oil re-purifier system.

Heating system consists of the heater, temperature controller, temperature sensors and other components. Waste oil carry out the heat exchange in reactor, so that the water is removed from waste oil, as well as create favorable conditions for reaction of waste oil in the reactor. Filter system consists of large area of the filter components, thus ensuring that the oil after finish the reaction will be timely filtered out, so as to enhance work efficiency and cost savings.

Exhaust gas treatment system:because of waste oil being processed will produce a certain smell, in order to protect the environment, we need to deal with emissions, using the water solvent to spray and absorb, so that harmful gas is absorbed and dissolved, thereby the final exhaust gas achieve environmental standards.

Control segment and protection system

1) When the power lines of the equipment is short-circuited or current overload, the power protection part starts and cut off power, equipment stops working, so as to protect the safety of equipment.

2) When the oil temperature reaches a temperature set by temperature controller, the thermostat controller send out signal, and the heater stops

Technical Parameters of ZSC series
Name Unit ZSC-1 ZSC-4 ZSC-6 ZSC-8 ZSC-10 ZSC-15
Handling Capacity Ton/8-10 hours 1 4 6 8 10 15
Recovery rate % 87%-92%
Color Grade   2~3
Flash Point ≥220(according to the oil)
Acid Value mgKOH/g ≤0.1
filter precision um ≤5
moisture content PPM ≤50
working noise db(A) ≤70
oil pump pressure Mpa ≤0.4
power supply 380V 50HZ
Heating power KW 60 120 144 156 168 255
Total Power KW 72 135 159 172 185 280
Heating time Hour 2 2 2 2 2 2.5
Filtering surface area 6 10 15 25 30 20*2
Mixing speed times/min 13 13 13 13 13 13
Total Weight KG 3000 5800 6600 7300 8800 11000
Cost of chemicals for one ton oil 66USD/TON (According to the oil quality)

Working, Instead the heating can be carried out.

3) When the pressure of the filtration system over design standards, the pressure controller sensing signal, thereby warning and shutdown.

The equipment uses physical and chemical ways to treat the waste oil.

(1) Using heating system to deal with water, so that water content in oil reaches the national standard of no traces.

(2) The use of filtration systems for the filtering of mechanical impurities in waste oil, so that the mechanical impurities are removed.

(3) The use of chemicals to treat the free carbon colloid, pigment in the waste oil, that is polymerization, then add the decolorizing agent for chemical treatment, so that the color of waste oil become crystal and clear. This method will not disrupt the nature of oil, that is to say, it will not damage hydrocarbon alkyl components of oil (Note: the composition of lubricating oil is mainly Cycloalkanes.)

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